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Software Engineer, Student, Dog Dad

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I love learning. I’m currently enrolled in the Online Masters of Computer Science program at Georgia Tech. I listen to podcasts constantly, listening to anything NPR will put out. I particularly enjoy Planet Money, Throughline, and Shortwave. I have the world’s cutest two dogs, who both hate to be in video calls but love the attention. I enjoy tinkering with my 3D printer and whatever electronics or raspberry pi’s I can get my hands on.

When the dogs will let me get to my keyboard, I work as a Software Engineer and Delivery Lead at Optum. In my free time, I volunteer for Code For Boston. The more complicated the problem, the more satisfaction I get from solving it. In my code and professional life, I strive for constant growth and adaptation for myself and my teams.

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Aug 6, 2022

Can Copilot pass a coding interview?

Github Copilot is a natural language model built on OpenAI Codex that suggests code snippets based on existing comments and code. With Copilot, programmers write descriptive comments and function names and Copilot writes the rest. This is hilariously similar to the usual coding interview, which consists of a prompt and a template for a human to fill in with code. What if we replaced the human interviewee with Copilot? Would it generate good enough code to get a job? Read more
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