Hey, I'm Ryan Mahan!

I love coding, hiking, and NPR podcasts. At Optum, I am a full stack web developer and scrum master for a team focused on creating cost saving solutions for outdated practices within UnitedHealth Care. At Home, I take care of two dogs, attempt DIY projects, and try to find time to contribute to open-source projects.

Check out some of my work!


What to fix (WTF) UMass is a website written in Node, Vue, and MongoDB where student can submit feedback anonymous to their peers for their Student Government Assocation to work on. Other students can come and vote for the issues that they want to see fixed on campus, and get status updates on their presented ideas.

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This simple reaction time game was written for researchers to be able to create a scripted environment where a subject can compete against an unknown opponent. Researchers have complete control over who wins and loses and get a CSV of the actions of the player at the end of the trial.

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CSS Presentation

Inspired by a constant frustration with CSS and a drive to become a better frontend developer, I made this presentation to give others an intro to CSS and some common issues that people face. It's written in HTML/CSS, so the presentation itself can be a resource for developers looking for examples.

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